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A Blast From The Past

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This little guy is Porthos. This is the son I adopted from Sallygirl's previous litter. They never stay this size, do they?





Here's Porthos with his special friend, Baby. The cats pretty much ignored Porthos at first. He was too small to be a threat, and too big to be food.






And here he comes! Little Porthos isn't so little anymore. And from the look on Brooklyn's face, I don't think the cats are pleased.




Here's our little momma! well, not quite so little!These pictures were just taken. She's due anytime now.Look at that belly! She just chock full o' puppies. I bet she'll be glad when this is over






Puppy Watch

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JANUARY 12, 2006, 4:15 pm


Well, we've been waiting patiently for the time to come, and I think we're almost there. Sally slowed down eating a few days ago, and today has no interest in her food at all. She's walking around in circles with her tail down. Every now and again she drops her head with a very concentrated look. I'm geussing these are early contractions. It could still be hours before we see puppies. But I think we're on our way!






8:05 pm


well, we're still waiting. I put my hand on her stomach and could feel the pups jostling for position. She has nibbled a bit, but still hasn't finished breakfast. She hasn't gone potty today, either. She just keeps walking around in circles, like she's looking for a comfy spot.



I've got a whelping (birthing) kit ready to assist her. Just waiting on her, now.






JANUARY 13, 2006, 8:30 AM


It's been a long night, and no puppies. I geuss it was a false alarm. I'll just have to keep watching her and wait.






JANUARY 16, 10:23 PM


Here we go again! She's definately nesting. I just took out some fresh blankets for her doghouse. Normally, if I go into the kennel she stays right next to me until I leave. This time she kept ducking back into the doghouse. I had to pull her out to put the blankets in. So maybe this is it!



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JANUARY 17, 2006 11:00 AM



And we're done!!! she started having the puppies around 6:00 am, a total of 11!! Not sure how many boys and girls yet. But everybody seems fine.

a pile of puppies....there's something you don't see every day.

Soldiering on

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JANUARY 19, 2006


Pulled everyone out this morning for a bottle feeding. I figure with that many puppies, Sally could use a little help. As I went,I counted all the puppies to see how many were boys and girls. Turns out there are 6 little boys and 5 little girls. They are all nice and fat, and doing well.






JANUARY 21, 2006, 1:00 PM


We lost a little boy today. We named him Prometheus. We have continued to suppliment the others with commercial puppy formula. The first two weeks are the most critical. So if we can get them past that marker, everybody should be fine.


Puppy Birthday

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JANUARY 24, 2006



It's a puppy birthday! Today they are one week old. We're halfway through the critical stage. The surviving 10 are doing well. They are starting to develop personalities and we are now starting to be able to tell them apart. They're doing a lot of crawling now, also. It's getting more difficult to photograph them as a group.


 Here's all our little girls!






And here's all our little boys!



little boy...this guy's gonna be trouble/ Check him out sticking his tougue out at the camera! We've decided to call this guy Bluto.




This guy's a porker! We've started calling him Wimpy.





and here's our little runt! This boy is a serious eater. See him trying to eat my friend's finger? I think I'm gonna call this guy Brando.







And here's Brando, chowing down. This one's gonna grow up to be biggest one of the litter!






This the lucky lottery winner who will be staying with us for the rest of her life. Her name is Eris, after the Goddess of Discord and Chaos.



Puppy Birthday

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JANUARY 31, 2006


IT'S A PUPPY BIRTHDAY! Today the little darlings are two weeks old. Most of them have their eyes open, though there a few winkers yet. Their ears are starting to open as well.



And here they are! They fill up the whole box now. I won't be able to put them in there much longer. But soon they'll be standing and walking!





here's our little girl, Eris. Her eyes are almost all the way open. She's soooo cute!!



 Here's Wimpy, having a snooze.

First Adoption!

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One of our little boys has been officially adopted! It will be a few more weeks before he can go to his new home, but all arrangements have been made. He even has a name now...he will be called Angel.


And here he is, our little Angel! I love his little white toes.




If anyone wants to adopt a puppy, there are still eight little darlings waiting for a home. If you are interested in giving one of these little sweeties a home, send me a note at : [email protected]


Week Three

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FEBRUARY 3, 2006


Today we undertook the kennel re-design project. With the puppies approaching their three week birthday, the kennel needed to be cleaner and roomier. Originally, the plan was to extend the kennel to 20 feet. But we've put that part on hold for now. At this stage we pulled the kennel up and lined the bottom with patio carpet over a sheet of industrial plastic, similar to the kind used for ponds and water features. This will be easier to keep clean and the carpet will give the pups good traction for learning to stand and walk. Then we surrounded the kennel with a rockery wall to help divert water drainage from the yard. Lastly, we covered the kennel roof with a water-resistant canvas. We haven't had any real snow yet this season, so hopefully these modifications will help keep the family warm and dry when it does come.


Here's Sallygirl's new digs! I still think it needs a white picket fence and a mailbox.





FEBRUARY 4, 2006


Came out to check on the puppies this morning and found them walking around! This is the first sighting of them standing. They're working out the mechanics of walking faster than I had anticipated. They've even worked out ways to get in and out of the doghouse on their own! They are still a little clumsy yet, but definately progressing quickly and steadily


I know it's a little hard to see, but if you look closely you can see two puppies on the ground and a third climbing back in.




Puppy Birthday

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FEBUARY 7, 2006


IT'S A PUPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Three weeks old today, and they are growing so fast!


Here's big brother Porthos having a lie down with the litter. This was his first face-to-face with the pups. He was very gentle with them. In fact he tried to push his way into the puppy pile to join them!




This is his formal introduction to Eris. He was curious. She wasn't impressed. I hope this isn't the precedent for their entire relationship


Too cute to describe...



And here they all are. They're too big for the box, now.






FEBRUARY 9, 2006


The puppies have begin exploring their world in earnest. Every morning we find any number of them walking around the kennel and checking things out. I went to give Sally a bone today, and counted half the litter out and about! They are growing up so fast. They are starting to get their little teeth now, so in the next few days the weaning process will start. Following the vet's instructions, the puppies will be fed twice a day with a mixture of oatmeal, eggs, milk and puppy chow. After a week, they will longer need to nurse from Sally. I think Sally's going to miss all those extra feedings she's been getting.

Puppies in the snow

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FEBUARY 12, 2006



We finished the kennel just in time! We got hit with two feet of snow last night. Here's the whole family, warm and dry, in their little piece of summer.






Porthos was a spring puppy, so snow is new to him as well. He seemed to enjoy it. yep....the Abomidable Snow Dog. Don't worry. We didn't make him sleep in that doghouse.








FEBUARY 13, 2006


The weaning started today. It didn't take much to convince them. It was a puppy stampede! They tore right in and kept on eating until it was gone. The bad news for order to keep Sally from eating it, we have had to sacrifice our hot tub as a feeding pen. They fill up the whole thing, too.



Believe it or not, somewhere under this pile of puppies is a pan of food.



As you can see, they made short work of the puppy mush. Last one at the table has to do the dishes!